Friday, December 21, 2007

'Tis a Sad, Sad Day for the Overachiever in Me

I went to the school's online site for final grades for, oh, probably the zillionth time this week, even though, technically, grades were not due from professors until yesterday.

And behold! The gods of Impatience and Anxiety heard my pleas - Grades were posted!

Policy and the Public Process.........................B+ = 9.90 GPA points
Updated: Apparently we do not round up in graduate school grading...I got an 89.8%, and a 90% is an A-. 0.2%age points!!! Ok, I'm over it.

Managing Conflict and Change.........................B+ = 9.90 GPA points


Bringing my once illustrious 3.9 cumulative GPA down to a mere 3.66.

So, if a B is not for bad, does it hold that a B+ is not for SuperBad?

Truly, I kid. Truly!

Seriously ya'll, I know that I am skimming political treatises with expert eyes, serving the public with rarely found diplomacy and compassion, meeting special needs and just "normal" ones of my family, and more.

:cue the trumpets: I am SUPERWOMAN.

The fact that I'm doing all of it is huge in itself - why diminish it with lofty expectations (read: and thus the unsurprising failure to reach) of perfection?

Not to mention that I dealt with extended sickness, craziness at work, and one whack-job of a partner on a final project this semester - and I am feeling A-OK with my B +s.

Seems as if the real life slightly outweighs the academic life.

And, while I may have made B+s on my grades, I got "Exceeds Expectations" on 3 out of 4 categories on my performance eval at work - translating to a 4% raise!


  1. You are totally a goddess. Truly. Working Mom and GOING TO SCHOOL and doing a bang-up job on all fronts!!!!!!!

  2. Damn, girl, you are working full-time (in a REAL job, too) and raising two children and being a wife and serving many other obligations/callings. Do NOT be down on yourself! You are doing an incredible job!!!