Saturday, December 8, 2007

Sweat Drops of Blood...and Lessons in Grace...Maybe


As of 4:00 today, I had spent 20 of the previous 26 hours working on this paper.

As in, I started working on it at 2:00pm yesterday, went to bed at 2:30am, woke up at 9 (which felt like bliss, compared to the 5 hours I've been living on each night recently).

I just got into that "I'm on a roll" mode, (oh and not to mention, holy crap this sucker is due SOON and one of our trio is inexplicably AWOL mode)that means, yes, I probably am a workaholic. There are worse things, right? Besides, tonight, I totally spent quality sing-song time with LMNOB - balance, baby, balance. What is Hammy without a feeble attempt at rationalization?

Today, the drama escalated as AWOL partner jumped back in with, "I sure wish you'd commented on my draft earlier - now it looks like there is nothing I can do but accept your heaping pile of edits." Ok, so I made the heaping pile up - but I do believe the word "extensive" got thrown out. Same diff, right?

Well, hon, lemme tell you - I would have, had you turned your draft in ON TIME WITH OUR PREVIOUSLY AGREED TO DEADLINE.

Buuuuuuuut since she didn't until yesterday morning, while I was AT WORK - uhm, hello, so sorry Boss, I have to go read AWOL partner's paper that just magically appeared in my inbox. I just didn't get to it until last night.
But, suffice to got worse.

And the professor got involved.

And I'm in the middle.

And now, I just don't care if she rides our coattails and totally gets a rocking grade because of me and my other partner's contributions. I am ok with her getting a grade she doesn't deserve, that's grace, right?

What if I am still really perturbed though, that she doesn't get that if you write "blah, blah, blah, (name, year)," you HAVE to include a full bibliographic reference, more than (name, year) in the Bibliography section. Especially because I feel that it is just a little MUCH to have to hold your fellow GRADUATE student's hand in that regard and give her a play by play of what you are asking for.

Is it still grace?

Albeit begrudgingly offered?

Whatever....I've got peace of mind that we are now on our 5th edit and it should be the keeper - all we need are the two references that AWOL partner has neglected to disseminate.

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  1. I'd have smacked her nose with a rolled-up copy of said paper.