Friday, January 11, 2008

Because I probably don't say it enough...

Charlie Brown is a good man.

He has been a soft place to fall for the past few months, in times when the falls have had a little more force behind them than normal (i.e. some folks/events have been pushing me down).

He hasn't magically grown wings and become my Fairy Housekeeper. He still suffers from moments of parental distraction (case in point: Tuesday I had a City Council meeting. I came home and Punkinhead reported he'd taken a bath. Wednesday morning as I sprayed his hair before combing it, bubbles formed. Punkinhead reported, "But I did my hairw allw by myself!" Yes, son, apparently you did), and tends to be, well, such a guy about things.

But, what he has done is paramount to that other stuff.

He's actually said, on multiple times, and without provocation, "Hey, I forgot to ask you about how xyz event went. Do you want to talk about it?" whether xyz event was a good thing OR a bad thing. This is huge.

He's told me how much I mean to him. And tells me how much it bothers him when others aren't fair/honest/nice to me.

He's cooked dinner an awful lot - which isn't so much a change as he just asks if he can do it more.

He's a hard worker, and gets little credit for it at work.

He has a heart filled with good intentions - and it's true what they say about intentions, but if I sit and remember that he started out in a good place it puts things in perspective.

He's touched me more lately - and not just in a sexual way, but in that very physical I'm-here-if-you-need-to-lean kind of way. But also in the sexual way ;) It's all good.

It's like I was telling my surrogate mum (yeah, she's a red-headed Brit old enough to be my grandma, but she's Mum to me) the other night, Charlie Brown and I have a very bipolar marriage. We have ups and downs like anyone else, they just seem to go to the extremes. And at that, Mum just laughed at me and told me she loved me and my idioms.

Anyway, you're a good man Charlie Brown - and I'm lucky to have you.


  1. What a great post! Thanks for your comment awhile back (ok, a long while back) on my post about turning down Oprah. Its good to meet you, and it looks like you've got a great blog here!

  2. I love this post H! CB is a good man and you are a good wife :)

  3. Good reminder that I'm about due to say something similar to and about *my* Charlie Brown more often.

    First time visitor - I'll be back to check out your older posts as I really enjoyed what I've read so far!

  4. Such love. I'm so glad you are saying it.