Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Life Interrupted of a Girl Overwhelmed

I don't feel like a woman.

I feel like a girl.

Utterly, completely insecure and uncertain and damnit I just want to go curl up with something soft until the world stops spinning.

I don't feel like a leader.

I feel like a person powerless to those around me and all of their expectations.

Floundering, juggling and balancing only to have life come crashing down around me. So much stress that I'm just ready to take a bit of leave from the world for a bit...

Case in point:

Charlie Brown and I have been up, up, up for about 3 months running - w00t! - but the other night I was a Cranky McFarklepants and HE WAS TOOOOOO - and we started yapping at each other about FLOOR CLEANER when I just spontaneously bust up laughing.

Seriously, I, like a mad woman, went from 0-60 from pissed off to about to piss my pants laughing. I was like, "Listen to us - could we be any more old married couple? This is so irrelevant and we're fighting like it is a life or death issue - seriously, shouldn't we be fighting about the sex we could be having but are not because of the damned floor cleaner issue?" And he cracked up too. We loves us some humor at casa del Meyer....

This is a random post - no real rhyme or reason to it, except that life keeps handing me interruptions when I'm already overwhelmed to the max...and I'm tired. of.. it... all!


  1. I like this post! Random? Yes...but a good kinda random, as opposed to a lame random, you know what I mean??

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I have to say your layout had me all Oooo-ing and Ahhh-ing the minute it loaded. I like it here...I think I'll take my coat off and stay awhile ;)

    I'm adding you to my reader...you'll be seeing more of me.

  2. Well, laughter is good . . . especially if you BOTH end up laughing! :)

  3. I third that. I'm not thirding what sex you may or may not be having though! I'm just thirding :)

  4. LOL... yup I am laughing too... laughter is better then anger... even when you go from one to the other ;0