Monday, February 18, 2008

Because Every Sermon Should Involve Trivia

So, we sing this song occasionally at church, and it is a very beautiful, traditional song full of meaning.

Written in 1785 vernacular, some of my friends have written this song off as irrelevant to new Christians. "Sigh, we sang the Ebenezer song today - who is gonna know what that means?"

And certainly, whilst I was a young Christian, I had no clue what some of the words meant, as I hadn't studied them yet. But, I have always been a literary lover and a musical maven who can spot worship fairly easily. As such the song has always had a fond place in my heart.

Yesterday, we had a sermon on Ebenezer. And it was wonderful. Check it out for yourself if you are so inclined.

I found myself nodding several times. I felt encouraged, because while I may tend to be quiet in evangelical endeavors, I am very vocal about declaring and remembering the personal "Ebenezer!" moments in my life.

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