Friday, February 15, 2008

When Crazy is Really JUST PMS

Sunday and all of this week I seriously considered going to the doc for antidepressant meds.

Thought I was losin' my mental shiz again.

Crying for NO reason. Raging all the time. Not. motivated. at. allllllllllllllllllllllllll.

Yesterday in the bathroom, I came face to face with the culprit of all this emotion.

Effin' Estrogen - I hate that biatch.

Cuz she makes me a certifiable, grade A, loony biatch.

Damn Eve. Was the apple so good that it was worth this hell on earth?


  1. you think it sucks for you, this side of the fence (i'm talkin' the y chromosome side) is no picnic, barrell of monkey's, [insert your own cool metaphor here] either!

    just kidding - i know we guys don't have a clue - it's probably even worse than when we lose our fave lure fishing, and on the way home our ride throws a rod, and so we walk to the bar and it runs out of our fave tap beer, and the satelite is on the fritz so we miss the big game - probably -

  2. Oh Rocky Mtn...I can't even think of a dignified response. Take all of those situations, and add to it physical discomfort, psychosis, etc. and MAYBE you'll get the picture....

    Or not even close.

  3. Oh yeah, every now and again I go CRAZY during that time o' the month.

    You know, I once read that using too much plastic is bad for you because the chemicals in plastics seep into your skin and simulate the effects of estrogen possibly causing little girls to develop at an earlier age and making pms worse for adult women...weird, eh?

    One of the many reasons I'm trying to eliminate all plastics out of my life.