Wednesday, February 27, 2008


I really appreciate the kind words (and ego stroking) from those who commented yesterday, and I just wanted to add that mostly I feel so angry about those sorts of sermons because of the shaping effects they have on the young girls in the audience.

I mean, yeah, it hurts me from time to time, but I have had several moments with God that have shown me I am going in the right direction, and I cling to them often.

But for a young lady who is torn between her heart and the propaganda being preached to her from the pulpit? I think it is unfair, unscriptural, and I struggle with knowing the line between speaking up or just praying for discerning hearts in the audiences.

It's these things that make me realize why Jesus wept. And, sadly, I know that that is just the tip of the iceberg.

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  1. it isn't heresy to disagree with the pastor - it is better than awesome that you feel for others being influenced - can you speak with the pastor, or is he just unapproachable? i think you can at least make him think, even if he doesn't come around to your point --- still, he may not have meant what he said the way he said it - he may need to hear how his message was received -

  2. It was a "guest speaker" - as we are currently without a pastor right now.

    Many of our elders, however, are of this mindset...and I have talked with them ad nauseam.

  3. Dinosaurs are only good for museums -

    I happen to know a bit about your locale - their mindset is an archaic epidemic that is making a lot of old and dying churches -

    please understand, the body of Christ is important, and I'm not tearing anything down - I just know the "living in the 50's" mindset of eastern Colo. farming communities - comfort zones are more important than spiritual growth -

    you will be in my prayers - don't give in to the dinosaurs