Sunday, February 10, 2008

Oh. Um. No. Uhh-uhhhhh!

Ok, so the first daycare tour had me and Charlie Brown wishing we could flee the completely disorganized chaos with cobwebs all over the ceilings, paint all over the tables, beans on the floor (I could go on and on, but I'll spare ya'll) - stat.

You couldn't PAY ME money to have my children go there - so I'm definitely not paying her.

Tomorrow morning is another home daycare, as well as a center that is run out of a nearby church (virtually in my backyard). The latter comes with good references from friends in the neighborhood, I just don't know if they have any openings.

Crap. This just sucks.


  1. Hopefully this all will change soon! And the stress of finding a day care will be over! You know I would be there in a heartbeat if I could!

  2. I bet! I've never had to daycare hunt, but I can imagine how much it sucks. Good luck. The latter DOES sound awesome...