Saturday, February 9, 2008

Up a Creek

LMNOBs birthday is coming up.

I told her we could have it here, at her request. It was going to be a low-maintenance, carefree, chockful of sensory input, freaking fantastic birthday.

Was...yeah you caught that too, right?

We will be relocating to a nearby location in a few months.

Well, that just friggin' stinks. Especially when I break the news to LMNOB.

Could do this, but I dunno. Or we could see that rodent who likes pizza. Or we could go bowling, she had a fun time bowling at a birthday party last month. Ideas?


  1. Stay away from the rodent. The second idea sounds the most like the first.

  2. Bowling is good. Chuck "effin" Cheese is bad.

  3. Try Pump It Up. MM's been to lots of their parties (at their Manassas and Leesburg, VA locations) and has always had a good time.

  4. And I agree that the rodent just sux