Saturday, March 8, 2008

Things are Clearing Up

I now have a raspy cough that usually expels the drainage that has been drip, drip, dripping oh so stealthily in the post nasal canals into my lungs. Said drainage is clear, not green, which means no infection, no need for antibiotics. But, said drainage is still quite foul and gag-a-rific, given my inability to hock a loogie with ease.

The kids are restless now, and picking on one another again. All this week had been rather pleasant, as they were all docile and cuddly and "Mommy I just weeeeeed youwr wuv." And putting themselves to bed at 6:30.

Yesterday Charlie Brown mustered up the energy to go to Blockbuster and rent them a movie...and a game for him. I must say that despite getting into it myself, 8 hours of MX v. ATV Unleashed was a bit much for me to watch. So I attempted school work.

Speaking of, I do need to get to work on a paper - it was due yesterday, but upon hearing the flu verdict and knowing the insane amounts of sleep we'd be pursuing, I asked for an extension, which the instructor gladly gave.

I've had lots of blog-worthy fodder milling around this head of mine, but no cohesive glue with which to assemble these thoughts into a readable post. Soon, my dear internets, soon.

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  1. How crappy you guys are all sick, but sounds like it's coming to an end. Feel better soon :)

  2. Glad you're all feeling better.

    I have always heard that the flu shot was useless. A nurse once told me that the flu shot is comprised of 4 flu strains that doctors predict will make rounds that season. They are only right a small percentage of the time. I have never gotten a flu shot and never will, nor will my kids. I just don't see the point. But, that's just me and my overbearing opinion ;)

    On another note, my hubby and kids got a 2 day, flu like illness this winter but I managed to stay flu-free despite being their care giver. I chalk it up to my vegetarian diet and all the vitamins I'm consuming. Just goes to show what a good, healty diet can do for you. BUT, how many of us can get kale and spinach into our children on a daily basis?? Certainly not me!

    Wow...that's one looooooong comment. Sorry to ramble!