Thursday, April 10, 2008

Caving to the Princess' Peer Pressuring, and Other Miscellany

So, awhile back my bloggy girl Princess in Galoshes spake into existance her royally sanctioned blogosphere revolution.

She calls it Dress Thursday.

And just so she knows, I wear dresses all the time for work. Love feeling like a confident femme. Not enough knockout to claim "fatale" but I digress. No, my point is that wearing of feminine garments was not peer pressured upon me.

Posting photographic evidence, however?

Yeah...notsomuch very keen on that.

'specially carrying extra weight that has magically appeared this year.

But, the Princess, she has an infectious spirit to which I've caved. Was going to last week, but I was extremely pre-menstrual and I really didn't think the whole blogosphere would like to have Puff the Magic Dragon stuck in their heads, inspired by my bloated bod.

Behold, my contribution to the revolution:

What is really freaking me out is that with the combo of my glasses, short hair, and geometric print dress, I am looking more and more like my grandmother circa 1965, with whom I have never really seen any family resemblance before.

Does that mean I am getting older? I used to think that when people told me, as I was growing up, that I looked like my mom. Thought it meant that I looked old. And while I'm now aware that is totally not it, it still kinda makes me feel old. Ish.

But sitting more heavily upon me than the cloud of age is that of my weight (yes, har, har, pun was intended). After reading Liz' recent post about the Miss England weight debacle, I got a wild hair to calculate my BMI.

Honestly. With the weight the scale has been telling me for about 3 months now.

And seeing the word "OBESE" after the calculation completely broke my damn heart. Albeit momentarily, it would turn out.

Overweight, yeah, I'll concede that in a hearbeat.

But obese????? Day-umm.

Or so I thought. Apparently I'm not the only one who thinks BMI is screwy and definitely not the end-all be-all.

And so, I'm ok again. Sorta....weight is such an emotionally charged topic for me.

But, hey....did you see my new haircut/highlights? I took Becky's advice, sans the name change and relocation.

Here's a closer look at the hair:

It's the first time since before kids that I paid someone else to color my hair, and with highlights at that. I've gotten rave reviews thus far and am quite pleased.

And yes, that book behind me really is titled The Bitch in the House. It is the best non-fictional chick lit I have read...ever. I really identify with a lot of it. And then other topics in it, not so much, but it is juicy and riveting and fascinating all the same. I really want to read its sequel (written by men, about men) titled The Bastard on the Couch. It's genius in the titling alone!

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  1. I have seen you in a skirt and you look GREAT!!! I know Charlie Brown would agree! More weight or not :) You are beautiful!

  2. Thanks Heather...I hit post too soon, and there's more to this post than there was when you commented.

  3. Now thats what I'm talking about!!!!

    Go RED!! Blonde... RED BLONDE'ish.....

    GO YOU

  4. HOORAY for the revolution! I'm so excited it's catching on! :-)

    And you look beautiful, and I LOVE your highlights. I'm really jealous, I want to go get highlights!!!!

  5. Your hair looks great! And don't worry too much about the weight. Just show a bit of cleavage and no one will even notice!!!

  6. Hair looks great!! You are beautiful and do NOT look grandmaish at all!!!!!!!

  7. You are even more beautiful than your new living room furniture.

    BMI = Bullshit Media Insanity.

  8. And speaking of cleavage, my dear...I'm guessing that (per the discussion on my blog) you may be wearing the wrong size. Try one rung down on the band and one rung up on the letter. Better yet, go to Nordies and get refitted.