Tuesday, April 29, 2008

"She's just running with it!"

Thus said LMNOB's teacher in the Monday folder, after explaining their new reading unit on questioning and making inferences on the texts they are reading.

Recently the class read this book (which I have never read but we may just have to borrow it from the library because Amazon makes it sound so appealing. Yes, I do know it is their job to SELL the books, but still!). Also in the Monday folder was a little worksheet they had done with the book and the concept of making inferences.

The handwriting on the wall, er, worksheet was precious.

Name: LMNOB MeYer (like seriously, the y was proportionately ginormous)

Title: G.T. (then, because she seemed to have suspected that that might possibly not be descriptive enough, "Grandfather Twilight.")

Questioning Web:
I wonder - what he will do tomorrow and what will happen to the moon pearl

(FYI - the web looks like a spider, with the "web" the circle in the center and several "legs" off to the side where she had to get answers to her question from other classmates)

M says:
he mite die.

O says:
do same thing
he'll take down the first pearl.

B says:
take it down and put it in the treasure chest.

Then, forget little legs, the rest fills up the entire left side and bottom of the page.

I (LMNOB) say:
In the mornig he'll eat oatmeal then read then he'll pick up his kitten and go for a walk then he'll go back home and get the pearl and walk agian and let go to the other moon pearl and that one will fall into the sea and G.T. will want to get it so he will swim and find a mermaid with the pearl and he will fall in Love with her and he will mary her and he will become a merman!

Below, the teacher wrote:
Wow, what an imagination! :)

No kidding.

Edited to Add: Wednesday at the school's Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast, LMNOB's teacher added to this story.

"Did you see the bottom, that she'd written over?"

"Oh, no, I completely lost that - so what was the deal?"

"Well it said, 'which of these is the best inference?' you know, based on clues in the story and all, right?"


"So I asked her to answer it and she goes, 'Mine, of course!'"

We all chuckled and the teacher went on, "Which, yeah, she was right, but the 'of course,' just cracked me up!"

Besides being a proud mother of a future novelist, might I entertain ya'll with a few of my observations:

1.) My girl knows the value of a healthy breakfast - Gotta keep old Grandfather Twilight regular, after all!

2.) Speaking of running, hon, let's talk about run-on sentences, a'ight? Also, totally non-related save for the running reference, LMNOB was totally stoked that she came in as the 2nd girl when her class ran the mile last week, and 4th overall! I was too - as I was always the fat kid who couldn't complete the mile. Additionally, she ran 2.5 miles of a 5 mile hike (those are so not my genetics btw) last weekend. She is showing a natural talent and endurance for running and we are nurturing it, baby! Hell, maybe it will inspire me to go out and run with her?

3.) It is no small potato that the BOY changes HIS LIFESTYLE for the GIRL - LMNOB has been a feminist longer than I have, always objecting to the general "he" and/or gender bias in "career" storybooks. Nevertheless, I am so glad that she is marching to her own beat on that path.

4.) Inferences are no more than educated assumptions, aided by clues, patterns, etc. While helpful, I see with LMNOB's imagination that we may need to talk about how inferences are more appropriate for literature than say, IRL situations. I can just see her with her future husband now:

"You've come home late three nights in a row, quit kissing me, and I just know that you had to have found a gorgeous woodland sprite to take my place!"


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