Friday, May 2, 2008

It's Like the Dude Knows Me or Something

So, last month I stumbled upon the astrology site Words for the People, and it had words that spoke to me, a down-in-the-dumps Taurean:

Your best ideas in the next two weeks or so will come from your unconscious mind. The weeks before your birthday are astrologically designed as a time for reflection on what you accomplished in the last year. The idea is not to judge and punish yourself, but to take time out to review what has transpired: what did you do well, and which areas of your life demand more attention and energy from you in order to work the way you'd like them to?

I should have heeded the advice to reflect, re-evaluate and re-energize, too, because now I REALLY feel like I need that.

This week's 'scope says (emphases mine):

After a period in which life seems to deal out nothing but hard knocks and tough lessons, it can be easy to fall back into an old belief system that says that life is a vale of tears and the best you can hope for is to endure with a little dignity. Allowing yourself to stay stuck in the past (recent or not so recent) would be a big mistake this week. Life is made of patterned energy and the patterns are constantly changing, and this week the energy just keeps getting better, stronger and sweeter for you. Venus moves into your sign on Wednesday, tripping off the same Grand Trine to stable Saturn and transformative Pluto that the Sun made last week. This is powerful creative, attractive energy - in fact, you can almost count on someone you meet on a short trip or in the course of your daily routine offering you a gig, job, or other money-making opportunity. Just remember the door probably won't swing open if you don't unlock it.

Now...I'm not an astrology fanatic or anything, but I've always been drawn to it, more as a self-awareness tool and the like. Also, it just makes sense that God would put patterns in the stars and combined with the earth's rotation they would make up a natural law of sorts. At least to this Christian with a taste for mysticism it does. I mean, look at the human body!

I digress, though. Onward....

I have a million things milling around in my head, from school to career to creative endeavors. And I'm a little unsure of what to make of it. Some of the ideas frighten I'm not sure I believe in myself this much, but a little whispering in my heart has been heard surrounding this project, which is finally moving forward.

Moving on..........

I have felt a little more venturesome and creative of late. Trying to reorganize and dig out of the funk so to speak. In doing so, I decided that my current generi-planning system (Franklin Covey, I love that you have a more affordable option at Target, but I hate the pages! They are BORING and do not have enough writing space for big writers like myself. Also, while I like your fully leaded products, they cost more than I really want to spend) wasn't cutting it, so I went surfing and found the Shabby Princess.

Her site is awesome, says me - the first time digi-scrapbooking peruser. I downloaded some of her free stuff, set about playing, and voila! I have cute new dayplanning pages:

And, I'm onward marching again....

So...I'm left wondering what exactly I want to do for my b'day. Charlie Brown has said he'd be ok with me taking a day to myself, but I'm ambivalent about that. I REALLY want it, but I also REALLY want social recognition from my friends and love language is words of affirmation and well, my love bank is a little in the red right now.

Next Friday I begin the last year of my twenties.

(BTW that is NOT a shameless plug for kindness and niceties next week, but if you are so inclined, lol. KIDD-ING....I am ok, just being a smartass)

And I am so ready for it.

This decade has been a rough one. And I have this fantasy about 30. Like 30 is when I will be a "real" adult, taken seriously, accomplish things, etc. That 30 will bring confidence with it that 20 didn't even know existed.

But, all of that said, I also want to enjoy 29 as I start it out, to know that I'm living NOW, and am not waiting to begin living boldly and courageously until 30 reaches out and snags me.

Hell, why wait for a week?

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  1. If you find "adult" at 30...let me know your secret, i'm still searching at 35. ;)

  2. What day is your b-day? Mine is May 11th....but I will be 35.
    And I'm still a big kid. lol

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