Thursday, May 8, 2008

Whose Birthday Is This, Anways?

Last night Charlie Brown and I are lying in bed. All cuddly, even – BONUS!

Charlie Brown: “So you never told me what you want for your birthday.”

I guess time away is kind of vague, eh?

Me: “Well, a massage is always good. And I’m still really wanting to do the whole night at the abbey thing."

Charlie Brown: “I thought we didn’t have that much money?”

:cough: that is a bullshit response :cough:

Me: “Honey, it’s only like $50 – not a fortune. And if we don’t have that (read: we do) then I guess we never have money at my birthday.”

Then he presses on to the heart of the matter…

Charlie Brown: “What do you want for your birthday that will last?”

In other words, what material item can I get you for your birthday that will remind me of how good I done did?

Me: “Whoah, let’s back this up. Do you really want me to say, ‘Honey, I would like _____ for my birthday,’ and you will get ______? Ooooooor do you want me to tell you, ‘Honey, please get me whatever YOU would like to get ME for my birthday'?"

Charlie Brown: “Now you’re just being mean.”

Me: “No, I’m asking for your honest response. I couldn't care less about some THING, but would love a memory of feeling appreciated, loved in the language that I hear and speak. In case you’ve forgotten, my love languages are 1.) words of affirmation and 2.) acts of service. YOUR love languages are 1.) Gifts and 2.) Physical touch, and I feel like you are projecting your wants for my birthday gift onto me. But, isn’t my birthday about me and what I want?”


Damn, but I hate being right. ;)

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  1. Our husbands are one and the same.

    Happy Birthday Sweetie!

  2. I hope you get the abbey, I really do.

  3. Me too. Happy birthday!!!