Thursday, May 8, 2008

Got the Memo

So this yesterday morning I get to work and The Boss walks in.

I joked about our coordinating ensembles, as we both were wearing black tops with a black and white skirt/dress. We've been known to dress simlarly many times before.

In walks the city's Business Development Manager. Also, she too is in black and white.

So we giggled and laughed like junior high'ers and then did what any tween would do:

We took a pic with the Biz Developer's cell, in front of our office's black and white photo, lol:


Faces edited b/c I doubt they would appreciate being plastered on the web. Shhhhhhh!

Also - this counts for my contribution to Dress Thursday this week.

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  1. That happens with my gf's and I all the time. We call it our "mom uniform" usually black tops/jeans. LOL!