Thursday, May 29, 2008

Words for Me: Week of 5/26

D.K. Brainard's words are again spot on...this time for both my husband and myself.

Taurus -
What would your life look like if your greatest weakness became your greatest strength? Who would you be in the world if the thing about yourself that, since childhood, you've struggled to accept and integrate were suddenly revealed to be a great gift given to teach you love and compassion for all beings - especially including you? This seems to be the subtext of the current Mercury retrograde in your 2nd House of money, self-esteem, and values.

It's funny that we Americans think of ourselves as the great individualists, when in reality the myth of the individual is just a story that is utilized by the power-hungry to keep us locked into conformity with the struggling masses.

But what if you woke up one morning this spring or summer and realized you could step outside of all those programmed security, status and power goals and just be yourself, warts and all, doing what you love to do?

What resources would you need to live that simple, clear life?

How might living from your own integrity open you up as a channel for abundance?

As I'm sitting within the belly of depression, evaluating life, my purpose and all of that jazz, this actually is some of the very stuff I'm wrestling with. Thing is - these are all good questions, but where are the answers?

Deep within myself, according to the book I'm reading, The Power of Now by Eckartt Tolle. (And Christian readers, please, do not flame me. I've not become a New Agey "Church of Oprah" follower...much of what Tolle has to say aligns with the Christian faith, if one can wrap his/her mind around it. I'm reading with an open mind for now. Also...the fact that there is such vitriol about Oprah and Tolle and his books just astonishes me....)

Thing is...I'm starting to wonder when this season of introspection will be over. I feel like I've been checked inward for so long that I'm forgetting what it is like to check myself outward and be social.

On to Charlie Brown....

Scorpio -

In some way or another over the next three weeks you will be dealing with the limited nature of your ability to control the situation. This doesn't appear to be playing out in your career, where your energy continues to be exceptionally strong.

It may involve an old friend or romantic partner, or a person or institution to whom you feel you owe something. It could also involve a situation in which you appear to be powerless to control another person's speech or behavior, such as an annoying neighbor, needy friend, or obnoxious coworker.

What is extraordinarily clear about this situation is that it is designed to help you heal a wound within your own psyche. This appears to relate particularly to your family of origin issues, and a subsequent pattern of creating fantasy scenarios around home and security needs that result in your constantly being let down because real life people fail to match the fantasy.

This all sounds rather dark and grim, but your chart actually shows you're set to discover a nurturing and liberating new way of letting go of the need to control things you can't control anyway.

That next to last paragraph is eerily accurate, in light of Charlie Brown's past issues with escape via fantasy.

As to the control stuff, I know he feels quite helpless about my struggles with depression. Note to Charlie Brown - How do you think I feel? It's my damned mind and I can't even control it! But, he's been, quite surprisingly, very nurturing and supportive in my journey out.

We're making it. Slowly but surely.

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