Thursday, May 29, 2008

Things I learned today

  • LMNOB is entertaining thoughts about S-E-X, in the sense of context and definitions, and trying to piece together just what this mysterious word means, exactly. She's not too far off the mark, that playground knowledge sense of things, which means we will be talking more about this. For sure.
  • That mirrors should be banned when a woman is a.) depressed, b.) presently bleeding like a stuck pig and therefore looking like someone pulled the "rapid inflate" cord, c.) a recovering bulimic, but best of all, D.) ALL OF THE friggin' ABOVE!!!! But, alas, because I do not walk around with signage announcing all of my inflictions, people have made the mirrors in my surroundings all too readily available.
  • BT the OT loves me - as she breathed when I broke down and said how horrible I've been at meeting LMNOB's sensory needs lately because I've been so damned wrapped up in my own neuro-atypical issues. (why can't I have serotonin readily available like balanced people?) This is good, because I too love her, and I know that she loves LMNOB and vice versa.
  • Today was the last day for LMNOB's class to meet with their 5th grade book buddies. (Read: HUGE transition for LMNOB) Guess when I learned about said huge deal? This afternoon as I picked LMNOB up for OT - right as the class was going to party hearty (replete with, "Popsicles, MOM!") with their reading mentors. LMNOB was extremely upset - so much so that 20 minutes later the front desk staff at BT's office said, "You can just go on back to pediatrics - no need to wait out here..." :sigh:
  • And, it is pretty damned hard to get the house cleaned such that it is worthy of inlaws when one has been a.) only home for 2 days after a 5 day vacay b.) catching up at work so much that doing housework (read: laundry, cooking, laundry, dishes, LAUNDRY) is a nice thought, but not so much getting done in actuality, and c.) receiving no spousal support in the housecleaning arena. They're supposed to be here tomorrow. Before I get off work. Joy!

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