Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Words for Me: Week of 5/5/08

I thought I would start posting these weekly, since they ring so true:

One of the great myths of the modern Western mind is that we are the owners of a stable self. We grow up learning to be someone, we spend our early adulthood doing our best to make that someone into a person we can live with, and then we spend the rest of our lives defending that someone against perceived attacks from both inside and outside the self. But the fact is we're energy perceiving energy, and the self we work so hard to protect and maintain ends up being - for most of us - the biggest enemy of all. Trapped inside a limited and limiting conception of self, we ignore the vast potential available to us at any given moment to change our reality from hell into heaven. Stepping into heaven is only a matter of de-identifying with the controlling thoughts we mistake to be ourself, and Monday's ultra-powerful New Moon in your sign is bringing you a unique opportunity to do just that. Who would you be and what would you be doing with your time and energy if you weren't controlled by the voice in your head? Play around with this idea, because life is offering you a shot at freedom now that doesn't come around every week.

Schnikes - I have been feeling this comin' on, too....

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  1. Deep Thoughts by Red Rambler!

    Wow, that was intense...i've been dancing and laughing all night reading blogs this one made me stop and go whoa!

  2. I can't take's the astrologist's words. They make me go whoah!