Monday, June 30, 2008

♫ ♩ Duh-na-na-nuh...She's a Very Freaky Girl..♫ ♩

Why yes, yes I am QUITE proud that I learned how to make music notes, thankyouverymuch! And seeing as how I just LURVE music and my brain thinks in terms of pop culture references, they are very much here to stay.

Super Fit, Super Fit....Oh yeah!

LMNOB was such a joy this morning.

My question is this: Why, oh why, does BT the OT have to go on vacay? For TWO WEEKS AT A TIME?

What's that you say? Because she's a real person just like me and periodically needs a break too?

Hmmm....maybe. But you wannaknowwhat I think? I think that her break begins at mmm, 5:00pm every night. Mine? Doesn't exist. 24x7 them's my hours with a neuro-atypical child, a "regular" boy child (boys are different creatures by the way - holy hell if they are not exhausting in and of themselves - that y chromosome must be pretty damn special), a husband and two dogs that do little but piss me off constantly these days.

I know. 4. More. Days.

Oh. My. God.

Do I ever need it.

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