Monday, June 30, 2008

Thoose, Hot Summ-uh-huh Niiiiiiiiights!

Friday night, Casa del Meyer went out for a somewhat ironic charity event.

A new gated, estate property (read: starting home price $600k) community was holding an open house, with a dinner and silent auction. Proceeds benefitted Angel House, Alternatives to Violence, the local Habitat for Humanity, House of Neighborly Service, and NOVO. The irony was that all but the latter organization tend to work with persons who are in need of AFFORDABLE housing, not palatial estates. But hey, it's the thought that counts, right?

We were representing for Angel House, as I'm their newest board member.

There was wine and cheese, really good food, half-finished mansions to tour, and activities like golfing for the kids. Oh, and New Belgium had their Fat Tire-esque cruiser bikes for loan, as people toured the community. Which Charlie Brown took advantage of. The kids were a dream. And adorable to boot - wearing their cute little fashions from Target.

[insert a random rambling here]

Dear Target, I know this comes as no surprise, but baby, I'm in love with you.
Truly, madly deeply. Where else can I buy a fabulous dress + adorable wedges for less than $50 and feel like $1 million? A cute dress for LMNOB that makes her feel like a princess, Miami Vice-like polos for Punkinhead (that make him look even more like Daddy), and a nice little ensem for Charlie Brown - all for under $100? You are amazing, Target. And I love you. That's all.
[ /random rambling]

So...because I am a dummy, I forgot my camera for the shindig - but we took lots of pics at home - but seriously, people oohed and aahed and I actually felt like a couple of women were totally girl crushin' on me, which was a little weird for me, but meh, we all had some wine, right? I was told I looked elegant and glamourous and gorgeous.

And then there was that old guy who asked Charlie Brown, "So Dad gets to have all the fun, riding the bike?" to which Charlie Brown said, "Well, the boy's too small, but the ladies wore dresses." Old guy says, "Yes they DID...And they look FANTASTIC too!" as he gave me the once over.

It was a hot night, and I felt it get a little hotter as Charlie Brown puffed up with male pride. Feminism be damned, there is a helluva lot of satisfaction in being recognized as a trophy wife....especially when it's much more than looks that qualifies one as such. That kind of a confidence boost is rockin' hot.

As we mosied home, I reveled in the delicious family-ness of the night. I was proud of my little clan. I was glad to be home, in the sanctuary of our backyard with the night lights on. And I wanted to be sure to capture the essence of the evening with photos, so feast your eyes....

LMNOB and Mama rockin' the dresses in front of the flowers
LMNOB in front tof the flowers that she vigilantly checks for new blooms each morning.
LMNOB with the front flowers - doesn't she just look like such a big girl here? What happened to my baby?
Punkinhead, enjoying an ice cream cone on the patio. Summahhhh!!! My other boy...who was playing hard to get with the camera.And my "I feel pretty, oh so pretty" and a little sexay with the cleavage shot.

As alluded to in the title, the rest of the evening was uh, rather memorable ;-) Mmmmm, summer, you are delicious, if a bit sticky.

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    I found you via Piper (I think?) and omg I Hope you're in Loveland. Why? Because I am too. ;)

  2. More or less, Sara....

    We'll have to meet up sometime!