Monday, June 23, 2008

Ingenuity at the Park

Punkinhead discovered that he was height challenged at the City Park water fountain yesterday.
Seeing as he was quite thirsty, he improvised.

I was only glad I happened to have had my camera and the notion to look over at JUST the right time:
My little dude is a freakin' genius, I'm tellin' you....Not to mention the kid is getting some serious arm strength - it was all arms that got him up there.

Seeing little brother get the attention was motivation enough for LMNOB to say, "Me too, me too!"
He's laughin' because he knows that he's the true original. LMNOB is a wannabe!!

And in this one, you'd actually think they might love one another.

'Twas a good day.

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  1. Holy guacamole! He's clever AND strong!!!!

    Water fountains will never be the same again.

  2. Nice work Punkinhead! Love the photos.

  3. That's clever. Already a problem solver! Visiting from all mediocre's all stars.

  4. What a smartie pants! He might be an engineer someday!