Monday, June 23, 2008

Remember Those Mervyn's Sales Commercials?

The ones where the two gal pals would stand outside the store, noses pressed to the glass window, saying, “Open, open, open…”

I don’t get to see them anymore, seeing how Mervyn’s has pulled out of Colorado, but I feel that same kind of vigilance toward my in-box right now.

Thursday, I was wheeling and dealing with a potential new employer via e-mail about an opening that I was interested in. An opening that is a great next step up in my career path, a step down in hours – which is perfect as I have so stinking much on the plate before me as we speak (for the current and very near future at least, with potential to go back up in hours once my MPA is complete), and tailor made for my experience/qualifications/desires.

I mean, we were negotiating salary and I hadn’t even yet put my cover letter and resume in.

When all was said and done it was left with, “All that said, Heather, you still need to put your application in to my subordinate.” I was feeling like that was all rather winky-winky noddy-noddy at the time and was on cloud 9.

Friday, I got my resume and cover letter together, and turned them in via e-mail to the contact, with the President of the organization bcc’d.

I’m feeling all “what if someone else is qualified and they want it?”

Now I'm just wishing they’d throw me a bone. And checking my in-box, willing there to be something, some acknowledgment, as the window loads.


  1. Cute pics at the park, let us know as soon as you do on the job!

    Funny regarding Mervyns!

    Thank you for all your compliments!

    You too will have your day when the little lady gets hormones!

  2. I've got my fingers and toes crossed for you!

  3. That waiting game is such a hard one to play.

    Good luck!