Friday, June 6, 2008

Mission: Capture the Moment

Because what spunky red-head worth her salt can resist a dare?

And because several of my bloggies have been brave enough to do this - so must I then...
The Mission:

Your mission, should you choose to accept it: Post a photo of yourself taken right now. Wherever you are, whatever you're doing, grab a camera and snap. No retouching, just the rawness of a moment in time. Then post your photo on flickr or your blog/site, and share the link in comments here.
Ready? GO.

Taken at 12:30 pm Friday, just after sitting at the kitchen table with lappy - to do school work.

But then I got a call from some attorney in California, asking for Charlie Brown or Heather Meyer - told him that he had the H factor of that equation, and then he goes all, "I need to talk to your father in law about a legal matter."

"Uh, well he's never lived here - he lives over on the other side of the mountains from here."

"Oh, uh, I think I may have the wrong Meyer's then. Your father-in-law isn't Robert Meyer is it?"


So yeah...schoolwork. That sounds fun, but let me just check out Becky first....

And here we are.

I have make-up on, but only because I thought I was going to the office today - but LMNOB is hacking worse than Thelma and Selma, so, home we are.

My hairs in the front are all askew b/c I just got done sweeping/mopping the downstairs.

And do I look tired? Because I am. It's Friday though, yay!

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  1. You look great!!

    Thanks for playing along. It is always fun to see what eveyone looks like "for real" and raw!

    Hope LMNOB feels better soon. We had that here and it was NO FUN at all. It took about 3 solid weeks to go away. (Vicks chest rub on the feet is supposed to work. Don't ask me HOW...but is does.)

  2. How cute are you!! That's a really sweet pic.

    Sorry I haven't commented more, recently. We've been crazy with house guests. But you've been in my thoughts!


  3. Fantabulous!!! Gorgeous!!!! Thanks for playing...... school work... yuck. I should be doing that too but instead I'm reading blogs.... GO ME!!! So we are doing the same things :) YAY

  4. Look how lovely you are! I also hope LMNOB feels better soon.

  5. I agree with the others--you look great!

    I could never do that meme, because taking a photo usually involves finding the camera and/or changing the batteries first and maybe going to the store for batteries. :-)

    Thanks for stopping by my place, and for your comment!

  6. You look a heck of a lot better than I would if I took an impromtu pic like that! I always have to fix my hair & makeup & stuff. I won't be accepting that challenge! lol