Monday, July 21, 2008

No, Dear Internets, I Did Not Go All Woe is Me...

Due to not getting the job and subsequently go MIA from my blogginess.

I have been:
  • Bitten with the love bug - for my hubs and kiddos, how did I ever forget how amazing they are?
  • Catching up with the dreaded vacation laundry, dun-da-dun...which actually is not that bad given the above :sigh:
  • Gettin' physical with Charlie Brown...ohhhh....yeaaaaaaaah...
  • Keepin' a secret that I cannot divulge on here, or to many of my IRL peeps, but oh my crap do I just want to shout it from the mountain tops
  • Getting some time outdoors, filling up on the sun
  • Cleaning my house
  • Catching up at work
  • Soul-searching

And that's why I've been a little absent. Will check in more.

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  1. If you can't post on your blog or tell people IRL, the contact button on my blog is alive and well. ;)

    I'm glad things are going well - you deserve it!

  2. Jen - No,'ll just have to wait!

  3. That's just mean. Mean to say you have a secret and then not share.


  4. Hey... so... since I don't know you IRL...

    Oh, you SO CAN'T say you have a secret and then not know that we're going to do our best to pry it out of you!

    So... come on... I'm here for you. You know, for YOUR sake. SO that you don't burst. Come on...