Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Pictures, Because They Say More than I Have Time To Right Now

Photobucket Hanging Lake - this same scene is in galleries for thousands - it is a celebrated photo throughout Colorado (although this one was taken with our camera - the lake has remained virtually unchanged for years!)

Behind Sprouting Rock at Hanging Lake

Photobucket At Kite Lake, that night we camped there was a rainbow

Photobucket On the way up Mt. Democrat (I told Seth that was a sign, lol - as he is more Republican than me, he didn't much care for that!)

Photobucket At the false summit of Mt. Democrat. I was so bummed to see there was more!

Photobucket at the summit! What a truly moving and victorious experience!

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  1. Wow those pictures are stunning and go you the hiker woman!

  2. I can't believe you hiked Democrat! I'm so impressed!!!!!

  3. Holy Smokes! What an awesome trip. Nice job making it to the top and beautiful photos.