Thursday, July 17, 2008

In Which Casa del Meyer Gets Bitten by a Love Bug

It's been pretty mushy gushy at our otherwise sarcastic household this week.

You know what they say, absence making the heart fonder and all of least with the kids. Between me and Charlie Brown? All the togetherness made us so fond of each other that, ahem, separation has proved nearly impossible and definitely shortlived once in the same building again ;)

The other night LMNOB was crying because she had some kind of a cyst in her eye glands and it was causing her pain (said cyst is now long-gone) and Punkinhead just went over to her, put his hand on her, bowed his head, put his hands in praying formation and says, "Dear God, please make Sissy's eye better, it hurtses her." This, from my child who normally refuses to pray and whose normal bend is to annoy the crap out of his sister, was too precious, and I teared up.

In true Casa del Meyer form, I made a brief joke about it - "Awwww, you guys finally listened to me. Have you been practicing long?" (point of reference: I always tell them to at least act like they love each other when they are being real pains in the buttocks). Later I told them both how sweet it was and how much it meant to me to see them acting so lovingly toward each other.

We have all been more huggy/kissy with each other. The kids' hugs just have an earnestness to them, having been apart for so long, that makes them even more delicious than normal. I'm milking this one as long as I can get it, ya know?

Charlie Brown has been a total hornball, and that equates to quite a bit more parental hanky panky in the kids' view. They crack me up, with their intimacy radars, as usually the moment Charlie Brown reaches for me, there's a kiddo in between us, wanting to get in on the lovin'. I don't mind at all - in fact it seems to have made us all closer.

Charlie Brown's "I love you's" have been rampant, and mine are much more free-flowing than normal as well. Tuesday night, he said, "I'm SO in love with you," which meant Fergie began playing in my head - this works to his advantage as that is a pretty hip little make-out ditty. Of course last night, when we were talking, I was a little slow on the uptake on something and he jokingly goes, "Daahr, Heather," to which I replied, "Nice. 'I'm SO in love with you, daahr!'" and we broke into a fit of giggles. Another inside joke.

Later, as we were home and tangled up on the couch, he told me, "It is like our relationship is brand new again. I'm thinking about you all the time, and just can't wait to be with you. Work sucks...."

So what, honey, are we to just up and hightail it to a commune where it's all about making love? LOL. Nah, actually, I quite agree with him.

What a blessing. God knew just what we needed and I know He is smiling over our shoulders as He sees our household smitten with His love bug.

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  1. Ohhh, yeah. I'd be milking it for all its worth too. AND I'd be tearing up too. That little prayer? SO sweet! I hope the lovin' feelin' lasts a nice, long time!

  2. LOVIN' it. Renewed love is better than new love. It's so rich and full and secure.

    Soak it up..... these are good days!