Tuesday, August 5, 2008

In His Pocket

Punkinhead and LMNOB were especially good this weekend for us, and last night was a prime example.

We had what we call Life Group – at our church this is a small-ish group of people from the larger church body with whom we gather on Sunday evenings for a time of fellowship including a meal, songs, prayer, and Bible study – and we were in a bit of a rush, because I had neglected preparations for the night in going out with an older Christian woman that day. Wouldn’t you know it, but Heather got chatty and whittled away the time. That never happens, right? :wink:

Anyway, we scurried out in a rush, and I offered up a quick prayer for good behavior. You see, aside from an elder and his wife, we are the older members in our life group and while there are several married couples, LMNOB and Punkinhead are were the only children in our group. There is now an infant one month old, and two others to be added to our number in the next several months, which will change things, but for now suffice to say that entertaining them often proves a bit difficult at times during our Life Group studies.

They were good as gold, playing in the yard after supper.

Sidebar – Punkinhead is an especially charismatic child – he has this presence when he’s talking that draw people to him. I think it is mostly because he is so expressive, with his eyes, facial gestures and “hand talking.” Not to mention his witty mind is often the cause for laughter – people like to laugh.

Just as we were praying, the two kids came running inside.

“Mama!” Punkinhead stage-whispered with emphatic glee, “You HAVE to see dis! I got some grasshoppers for Maynard!” This is our 30 y/o turtle. “Some are dead but he’ll eat doze, won’t he?”

Quietly, “We’re getting ready to pray buddy – wait – where are these grasshoppers?” I asked.

Excitedly, he, with proud eyes, beaming ear-to-ear, and repetitively bobbing his head with his c’mon-it’ll-be-cool-just-go-with-it nod, announced, “Dey’re in my pocket!”

We all laughed long and hard. His intensity was priceless. The location of these hoppers was disgusting! LMNOB added that they were the “Grasshopper Boppers” and proceeded to dance around with the energy that only youth can proclaim.

Our hostess graciously got up and offered them a mason jar, and encouraged them to keep collecting those hoppers, because “They’re eating up my garden!” Then they bounded off with new dedication – they’d been charged with a mission and been given the roles of Garden Protectorate, roles they took seriously.

We began praying and halfway through, Punkinhead arrived in front of my face, shoving the jar into me. “Look, look, Mama, I got a BIG FAT JUICY one, and Maynard’s gonna love it!” More emphatic head-bobbing and “look at what I did!”

We oohed and aahhed at their prowess, and then marveled at the precious nature of their innocence.

It’s nights like that that all is well in the world for me.

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