Sunday, August 17, 2008

Pillsbury, we gotta talk....

I totally get that you have the patent on Poppin' Fresh, but somehow I think your convenient little pressurized cans of dough has got NUTHIN' on this:


Ok, so I know you are thinking, "So what, a pregnant woman - they all pop out."

But what if I told you that that picture was taken tonight, after having gotten a shadow line - read: a total phantom that I dug out of the trash - yesterday, with the first REAL positive being achieved just moments before writing this post?


Yeah, that pop is pretty damned fresh. Pillsbury, you ought to be impressed!

And we are pretty damned excited.

This is the secret I alluded to awhile back - we decided to try for a third whilst on our soul-searching, love reuniting anniversary vacation last month. My IUD was promptly removed upon our return, and voila! God has heard our request.

May we rise to His challenge of faith. He's already shared glimpses of this promise to us in so many ways.

Baby #3, you are our little love child, and we love you already.

I can't wait until late April!

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  1. Congratulations, Heather!

    (This is girdtmom, posting from DH's account. I've gotta get a gmail account so I can start commenting here again.)

  2. WHOHOOO! CONGRATULATIONS! I am so happy for you guys. :-)

    April babies are the best.

    An April Baby

  3. Congratulations! I also like that dress!

  4. Well, this one will get me to de-lurk. I've been reading for about a year or so (found you from Heather N.). I hope it's not creepy to say, "I knew it!" All that love talk after the anniversary trip had me wondering.

    Congratulations! Are LMNOB and Punkinhead excited? (Do they know yet?)

  5. Thanks all! We are very excited :)

    @Princess - this is our first April b'day in our family...of course it could go into early May being that the due date is 4/27 - but I sure hope not!

    @ Shellie - thanks - I also like the dress :) Maternity wear is so much cuter now than when I first started having babies.

    @ Heike - I've gotten a comment from you before and no, lurking like that is not weird - I do it too with other sites. Thanks for the well wishes and yes, the kids are very excited - they are hoping for a boy since LMNOB wants to remain the "princess" of our home and Punkinhead is the lone boy when all the cousins are together. We just want a happy, healthy baby and will be just tickled either way!

  6. CONGRATULATIONS, Heather! I wish you an uneventful pregnancy and a healthy baby.
    By the way, April babies are pretty special, my eldest is one!

  7. Holy Fertility!!! WTG you two!!!

  8. omg! Congratulations Heather!!!! Blessings :)

  9. OH BABY, A BABY!!

    Congrats my dear, and blessings galore! You look wonderful too ~xo

  10. Congratulations!!!

    April is a good month for a baby. That's when my 1st was born.

  11. Awwww! Congratulations! Maybe he or she will be born a couple of weeks early on my birthday, April 11. You lil' one will love having a springtime birthday!

  12. I am so jealous!!

    I just got finished photographing all of our baby stuff to sell on Craigslist because Hubby refuses to give me another child!

    I also have an April baby and he is a spitfire!

  13. Yea! Babies rock!

    I also wanted to tell you that I vote for a Rocky Mountain blog meet up too. I'd be happy to go home for a little while, since I haven't been back since last summer! *sigh*

    I will for sure be there next summer and I will plan an AllMediocre meet up, ok? I'd ask you to help but you'll be knee deep in newborn diapers. I'll be honored if you just attend!