Monday, August 18, 2008

I'm all verklempt...all the time

Part of pregnancy, I know - but man, it's been awhile.

My kiddos are the greatest - and what's sad is that they don't often hear this. But no longer.

Same with Charlie Brown - the things that have come out of his mouth this week are so mature, so loving, and so tender that I can do little but soak it up. I am consciously trying to remember to voice my appreciation for his insights, in part because I should but also to ensure that he keeps this up!

Thanks all for the wonderful words of encouragement yesterday. We are super excited and pleased and just giddy all around.

Now - I leave you with LMNOB's awesomeness, displayed Friday night at Red Robin.

A Raiders/ Titans game was on and she goes, "Is that team," [the OAK at the scoreboard] "from Oar-Kansas?" (Pronounced like Arkansas)

Dude, we laughed and laughed, but in the pit of my mind, I was thinking, this is what No Child Left Behind has offered us?

Heaven help us all if we have little GW's running around in the future because public ed is in the tanks.

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  1. SHUT UP!

    All that lovey-dovey crap..... didn't someone WARN you????

    How are you not going to DRINK for the next year????????????????????????????????????????

    Seriously. Wow! Congratulations! God is so good!