Friday, September 5, 2008

Almost, Buddy, Almost

Last night, I was putting Punkinhead into bed and he went to kiss the baby belly.

"Mama, it's WEIRD that the baby is only as big as a hamburger seed!" he announced with big eyes.

I laughed, at his mis-translation of the information we shared with him from Babycenter last week.

"You mean a SESAME seed?" I asked him.

He giggled sheepishly and said, "Yeah, that's what I meant."

I answered, "Yeah, it is hard to think about that huh?"


"But know what? It's already bigger than that now - now it's the size of a bean, and by Monday it'll be the size of a berry! It's growing very quickly right now....right now, it's growing hands and feet, but they look more like those," I said, pointing to the feet on his Ducky, "than they look like our hands and feet. Then the fingers will grow and separate, and the toes too, and it's hands/feet will look just like ours, only much much smaller."

He looked up at me in awe and said what we've all been thinking: "Wow, Mama - that is soooooooooo cool!"

I know, Buddy - isn't God's work stunning?

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  1. Loved those conversations!! Isn't sweet? They are going to be such a great big brother and sister to your little bean! I'm so excited for you and I get to live through my 2-years-ago vicariously with you!