Saturday, September 6, 2008

Good to know

Dumb Test

I guess this means I am 88% brilliant?

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  1. Ha! Another distinction to add to the resume.

  2. 11% Dumb. 88% Brilliant.

    That leaves 1% of what?

    We know you're not blonde.... and I think it's probably a safe assumption that you're no mathematician.

  3. @ Soliloquy -

    1% (plus 100%) over-freakin-extended and pregnant!

    Insert giant duhh on my part here. I am normally not too shabby at math - promise! Was just telling LMNOB, who is on a "Math's too hard" stint, that Mommy was just like her - put into all the higher math classes, but she struggled thru 'em. The year I was put in "normal math?" I blew thru with flying colors, but was bored out of my gourd, so I suppose that deal about being challenged in school holds true.