Wednesday, September 10, 2008

It Ain't Easy Being Queasy and Other Preggo Whines

This morning I woke up with hands that looked like the Stay Puft Marshmello Man's, and because they were so ginormously swollen, they ITCHED terribly. So badly, that both Charlie Brown and I laughed about just what activity may have caused this....ahem. My new James Avery ring, that I've been intermittently changing from wearing on my index finger to my middle finger, was barely budging off my middle finger. My hands were huge and painful.

Then the queasies....I've been actually sick about every other day for a week now - but the nausea is a daily occurrence that usually subsides about noon. This morning was a throw-up day (not by some psycho-somatic schedule, but by actually happening) and after the first heave, I saw some stars dancing around my head. Having experienced edema, changes in visual field and more woefully preeclamptic symptoms while pregnant with LMNOB (who was consequently induced lest I go into eclamptic seizures) I felt my red flags go up....briefly. Because, I would later remember, preeclampsia doesn't usually show up until 20wks or more in a pregnancy. And I'm only 7 wks. So I was left thinking: WTH?

Then, as I swapped roles with the toilet - from bowing down to sitting on it - I realized that my downstairs' flora has, erm, become a bit overgrown, if ya know what I mean. Just because there is a bun in the oven, in my opinion, that is no reason to have yeast overflowing. ANNNNNNNNND - the worst of all that is that I'm out of commission for a week b/c the doc says Monistat 7 is the only way to go whilst pg. No fair!

Hmmm....what else is there to whine about?

My hair - yes my hair. My normally very compliant with heat, gloriously bodied and voluminous hair has decided to rebel against me. Every morning is a battle, and given that my energy is in the tanks, the hair usually wins. And the shade appears to have changed - people keep asking me if I've lightened it and I'm all, "people, I haven't done a damned thing to it - it has a mind of its own lately."

At work the office across the hall from mine insists on burning the remaining coffee in the pot each day - which helps my queasies NONE.

I'm tired. I'm cranky. And while this baby is so something that I want and love - I just need a break. I need to take a full day off and just sleep. But for me to feel as if I could do that, I would probably need a maid to come in and overhaul my house first so that I could rest in peace without feeling as if I needed to "just do this one thing..." before going to bed.


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P.S. I called my doc about the preeclampsia worries, and she seemed to think it was all dehydration-related. She told me to check my BP at the pharmacy where I was getting my Monistat from and if it was normal, to just hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. BP was normal at 121/75 so I'm drinking ginger ale and gatorade as much as I can stomach it.


  1. Oh honey hang in there. It takes so much work to grow a baby. I hope you can get a much needed break from the queasies and some rest soon!

  2. As if you need one more reason to love me (snort!), but I have THE natural yeast cure for you. I promise. Email me. (Can't find your email address off hand.)

  3. I know this is going to sound completely insane, but reading this makes me kind of wish I were pregnant. Maybe it's sympathy pregnancy urges?

    Hang in there!