Saturday, October 4, 2008

I'm so sick of this....

My in-laws, bless their hearts, are of a different political persuasion than I am.

Ok, that's allowed, right? I certainly think so, even if I don't really understand the other party's POV/MO.

What I am SICK to DEATH of, though is the constant bombarding of my in-box for their politically charged BS forwards about my candidate.

Just once, I am waiting for an original, moreover, factually-based commentary of their own, not some insipidly anonymous rumor-mongering e-mail that clings to fear and uber right-wing talking points.

Hey, I was reading on or some other such credible source that your candidate was not totally on base in xyz claim - what are your thoughts on that?

Yeah, that's not gonna happen. However, being a planning kind of gal I'd best prepare an answer for such a question:

Wow! You mean I don't have to go to snopes?

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  1. I've got a friend-ish former co-worker who does that too. I just up and send him links to the Palin debate flow-chart, Roy Zimmerman's protest music, stuff about the Keating 5, Palin's husband's secessionist tendencies, and tons and tons of facts and figures on how much McCain's health care plan will cost him as a middle-class full-time full-benefits employee of a government contractor.

    He's slowed down a bit. Because he's coming to the conclusion that I can outlast him.

  2. Oh, I get these, too. The worst. My mom just remarried and her husband is a chronic forwarder---of crap. Ugh.