Saturday, November 8, 2008

Letting Go

Soooo.....sorry for my blagrancy....been busy with life changing decisions and all....oh, and our president elect? Couldn't be happier

In July, I wrote about how a song of the same title spoke to me.

Just why it spoke to me, and how, I’d kept a lid on; because it had everything to do with planning this baby.

and we weren’t ready to say anything until we were official given family readership ;-)

You see, I’d heard that song a few times while we were on our vacation and I liked the sound of it. But on July 24th when I got in the car after having my IUD taken out, it was on the radio.

And it hit me, right as the chorus hit:

♪This is a giant leap of faith….♪
There’s no turning back!
Definitely, having this baby in and of itself has been a ginormous leap of faith – and there is no turning back whatsoever….

However, all of the stuff that has followed makes it feel more like that leap we envisioned as starting with two feet firmly on the ground has since evolved into a leap off a plane and we are plummeting to the ground with the blind faith that all parachuting systems will be go.

I put in my notice Monday.

My last day of work will be December 19th. Which is not far off at all. I vacillate between being giddy at the prospect and scared to death.

Oh, but wait, it gets better. Then, I signed up to become a lia sophia advisor.

I never in a million years thought I would be doing direct sales....But here I am.


I'm excited, but totally letting go of "the life I planned for me." And that is a bit scary.

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  1. I'm excited for you! You'll do great!

  2. I love their jewelry, I've been to a party locally!! Best wishes, you'll enjoy the time home with baby and your new prosperous job!!

  3. How exciting! Congratulations on making the best decision for YOU and your baby.

  4. I'm so glad that you have made a decision that feels good and right.


  5. Good luck! I don't think you'll ever regret it.

  6. I'm late to the party but I'm excited for you. Yes, change is always scary - but it sounds like things are falling into place.


  7. Just saying Hi, I thought of you tonight and hadn't seen you post lately. Hope all is well!