Monday, November 24, 2008

"There's Something Different About You Today...."

This is how I know that this pregnancy has taken its toll on me, lol.

Today at least 5 different people have said to me:

"You look SO pretty today! Have you done something different?"

At first I said no and they guessed away:

"Color your hair?"

"Cut your hair?"

"It's that maternal glow thing, huh?"

When actually, I realized it.

"Nope, none of the above - I actually had the time/energy to put my makeup on today!"


I always knew that makeup took me from drab to fab, but today was outside corroboration to this fact.

Note to self: Must make more time for self-care! It will bode well for your self-esteem!


  1. HAHA! That's hilarious. :-) Yay for a little self-esteem boost. We all need it from time to time.

  2. That's too funny...I find when I make the time to put my makeup on, it makes such a difference to my own sense of feeling good, but I can tell since I feel more put together, I present myself better. It all makes sense ;)

    Congrats on the pregnancy by the way! I'm new here...from AllMediocre. Nice to 'meet' you!