Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Help a Girl Out, Will Ya?

I need your help! (This is a repeat of my facebook note if you're on there, I apologize for the redundancy)

As you all know, I recently signed on to become a lia sophia advisor.

One of the first goals to meet as an advisor is your Excellent Beginnings goal: hold 3 parties and sell $1,500 of jewelry within your first 5 weeks as an advisor. If I meet this goal, then not only do I get my share of the profits off of all sales, but lia sophia will award me $200 in jewelry to add to my display stock for parties.

My starter party got me 1 party and over $600 toward meeting this goal. It seemed like I was off to a good start when one of my colleagues offered to host a party, then another, and then my mom! This would be easier than I thought.

Except the first party got cancelled, the next party is fizzling out as a catalog party, and my mom's catalog party is not faring so well either.

Now I'm on deadline to meet my goal (Dec. 12th) and the only way for me to meet the goal is to get plenty of outside orders.

That's where you come in!

I know you gals love to look good - But, I also know that bargain shopping is your modus operandi!

And the December Special is a steal: Buy 2 items at regular price and get up to 4 items at half-price! But, that's not all - your most expensive items get the discount! Also, if you refer a friend to me and they mention it when placing an order, I will grant you $10 off your order!

Please stop by my website, browse the catalog by clicking the "Our Jewelry" and either use the "Contact Me" tab or e-mail me at to make your purchase!

Thank you so much for your support of my new business with lia sophia - you'll fall in love with the jewelry, I just know it!


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