Friday, January 30, 2009

Ooooh, and I Just Can't Fight This Feelin'

I have always loved REO Speedwagon.

And because I think in reference to pop culture at any given moment, it is no surprise that this song popped into my head this morning.

You see, I am still puking in the mornings, despite being in my 3rd trimester, despite eating protein at night and taking my prenatal with food earlier in the evening (as opposed to right before bed), etc., etc. But it's ok, really because once I'm done (usually before I eat or drink anything) I'm done for the day and good to go. No all day nausea or inability to eat/drink for fear of not keeping it down, or anything serious like that.

But there is this rather indelicate problem that sometimes arises. Sometimes the urge to purge strikes me before I've had a chance to eliminate the night's culmination of holding my bladder.

And so I puke and pee simultaneously. Each heave forces a new trickle of urine down my leg. Makes me feel SOOOOOOOO grown-up and self-assured, let me tell you.

So how in Hades did my twisted brain connect the dots between an 80's love song and this disgraceful phenomenon?

For starters, the original video (see below) has a baby at the beginning of it - coincidence? I think not.

Moreover, check out the first two lines of the song:
I cant fight this feeling any longer
And yet Im still afraid to let it flow

I know, I've got a sick sense of recall at the strangest moments.

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