Thursday, January 29, 2009


I am now two months into my venture as a SAHM.

LMNOB has loved having me at home more and is thriving.

Punkinhead, on the other hand, is not as pleased with having a mama around 24/7 who now has more energy to devote to enforcing the rules. He's pushing the limits. Constantly.

And I'm pushing back. Isn't that my job as a parent, to reinforce the boundaries?

That part of it is not so fun, but overall, I can say that this decision has been a great one for our family. God has blessed us in so many ways already.

For one, we anticipated a substantial decrease in Charlie Brown's pay given the ginormous new health insurance deduction. But his first two paychecks this year have both exceeded last quarter's average checks - so we're good! And, thanks to my draining my sparse retirement account that I had with the City, we paid down some lingering debts and are all caught up financially - which feels great!

The part of it that I didn't quite expect was the new closeness Charlie Brown and I are experiencing. I was hesitant about this change and entered into with fear and trepidation at the back of my mind that the stress of being the sole provider would make Charlie Brown resent me as I stayed home and did "fun" things with the kids, or truth be told, slept and lazed about while they were in school. Hey, we'd been there before, (minus the kids in school part) and history has a thing about repeating itself.

But wonder of wonders, if anything, he has been harping on me when I OVERdo things and telling me I should rest more and take care of myself more. We have synched up spiritually and emotionally, and our marriage is a beautiful thing that I feel so blessed to be a part of. It is far from perfect, to be sure, but the journey we've had in getting to this point so makes me appreciate the beauty of where we are now.

We had a date night on Friday - the first really since our vacation in July :note to self - NEVER go that long between dates again!: and had a great time. HE said all of the mushy gushy stuff that I just did first. HE told me that he loves this new life we are living. HE told me the things upon his heart without me having to pry it out of him. And I just love that.

The past two weeks I have been going back to the office to train my replacement and it is amazing how 2 hours (plus travel time) eats into the day - I can't believe that it used to be 8+. It has been more difficult for me to keep things on routine with just those two hours gone (see sporadic blogging, among other things), how did I ever hold things together before, I wonder. Sometimes I suspect that being pregnant factors into it.....but I don't know.

Speaking of the pregnancy, all is going well on that front. "Bud" is moving all the time and especially so when I lay down (already he has learned to keep mom sleep deprived and on her toes). We are fairly set on his name now - though that is to be kept a secret on here until he comes - the insiders already know and well, it would be nice to have some element of surprise! I suspect he is still transverse as I am still feeling movement on the far left and far right simultaneously most days, but he's still got a trimester to go and get in the right position. I am begging and pleading with him to do so as I REALLY have a phobia about c-sections (don't know why as I've never had one, but it is there rational or otherwise).

Well, I should get some laundry done.

More, later.

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  1. Oh, you sound so happy! Thanks for the update on how you and your family are doing.

  2. Missed you! I'm glad all is well.