Friday, December 18, 2009

The Christmas Card Photo

(Alternate title: In Which I Realize I am NOT This Great Photographer/Mommyblogger, Nor This One, Nor This One Either. Also, Not Her.)

(Alternate title II: Santa, I Can Haz Mad Camera Skillz? Plz?!?)

I'm late to the party, I know. 

But the cards will be in the mail TOMORROW.

We HAD to take a family photo.

But, uhm, not a lot of disposable cash, so we went about it amateur style: by ourselves.

Our camera has a timer, so it wasn't impossible, but it was patience trying, for sure.

Whoah, Chris has three hands....

We can't just get "normal" smiles, we have to have the dreaded cheesey faces..."

Wow, normal smiles, but oh no! Chris isn't looking....grrr...

Colton sez..."Are we done yet?"

Chris sez..."I'm gonna pull sister's hair and see what she does." Scream, naturally....oy vey.

We hardly ever get couple pics so I insisted!

Our card photo - as none of them were quite the "it" picture alone, but together they are great!

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