Friday, January 8, 2010

Because I'm Lazy

So my sister is getting married in March.

And I am her maid (matron, technically, but we both think that word is woefully OLD sounding, which I of course am nothing of the sort!) of honor - and totally flattered to be considered such, too!

Most of the dresses for such a person as me are, uh, strapless.

Which presents a bit of a problem, as 1.) even though I have lost 30 lbs in the past 8 months (w00t!) I still have some chub on my arms, and 2.) between breastfeeding 3 kiddos and uh, the passage of time, well, gravity has not been kind suffice to say.

Today I began to tackle #1. Seeing as our temps have been FRIGID of late I have not been running as often as I'd like (averaging about 1x/wk - BOO!). So, I knew I needed an indoor venue. At mentioning such to a friend of mine, I was told that there was a local gym offering a free month's membership in the coupon mailer this month. And I was totally on it! This morning I was running on a great treadmill while Christopher chilled in the nursery (all the while doing great there). When I got done with my 30 min run, I said, "Hello, Mr. Dumbbell!" and proceeded to work my arms into jello. Bonus of this outing? Guaranteed shower for the day - at home, this is not always feasible. So I felt great and then looked and smelled great for the rest of the day, hurrah!

Now....problem solving for issue #2 is not quite there, but I'm sure there are strapless bras out there that are not torture devices, and may help with lift. Right? This is your cue, dear internets, to clue me into the great products out there - that great word-of-mouth advertising that mommybloggers tend to promote. Only caveat is BUDGET.

As for my title....well, I like to shop in a hunter-gatherer sort of mode. Meaning I like to know EXACTLY what I'm after, spy it and walk out with it. Not much for trying on millions of things, making an hours-in-the-making decision, and leaving unsure of whether I've got the right thing.

So, again, this is where I'm calling on you, dear readers with GREAT taste, who love to shop! Help me find a MOH dress!
  • The dress must be green, in the sage or lighter variety (however, I do not look quite so hot in pastel shades, so the sagier the better).
  • While I'm working on being able to pull off strapless, I'd love a cap sleeve or even straps, spaghetti or otherwise.
  • Empire waist is a plus over fitted shapes, imo, for my shape
  • I'm pretty evenly proportioned, not too pear shaped (though have a bit of a tendency that direction), so something that flatters curves of an average height
  • I think tea length is more appropos than floor length given my build, but it's not a priority per se
Send in your links in the comments.


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