Tuesday, March 2, 2010

And Just Like That....Poof!

I have been working on a post all day via stolen moments here and there in which I was detailing the perfect day that yesterday was, but alas! it got eaten by my autosave feature.  Grr....I had a wonky blockquote that needed fixed and my ultrasensitive laptop keypad mouse suddenly highlighted the text before the tag, I hit delete and Blogger promptly saved my changes.  Aaack!  So, being that it is LATE, and there is no guarantee of an uninterrupted night of sleep, I will get it out for another day.

In the meantime - today was a weird day.

Customer service is dead in America - particularly with the bank that services our auto loan.  Suffice to say that we'd fallen behind in our payments, I called to catch up and customer service dude takes a payment by phone.  Payment clears my bank.  All is good.  Except that the bank keeps calling.  And leaving nasty messages about our payment not going thru.  My checking account says otherwise.  TWO DAYS later of this harassment, it turns out that the auto loan bank was WRONG because customer service dude transposed a number in our loan account, crediting some random person's account with our payment.  I'm assured that they've gotten everything taken care of now, but that I should probably call back to ensure everything got confirmed in a day or two.  WHaaaaaaa?  Lemme get this straight, first off, no apology for YOUR SCREWUP, YOUR RUDE TREATMENT of me and NOW you want ME to follow up on YOUR prescribed correction of said screwup?  Uhm, I told the guy, I think that it would be better off if you gave me a COURTESY CALL confirming that YOU have rectified the situation.  OMG.......

And in other news....

As of tonight WE ARE SO DONE with the selling of Girl Scout cookies.  It's been a long two months!  Thankfully, Kelsey has been gracious with those who turned her solicitations down - unlike the girl below :)

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  1. I am totally with you on customer service! And it really burns me up here at work, where peoples' lives are at stake. (I went OFF on someone just tonight!! Ugh)