Sunday, May 23, 2010

Because apparently Stephen King's been giving my electronics ideas

Some people might chalk it up to Murphy's Law.

Others might call it karma, or some other energy exchange fou-fou concept.

But I am starting to think my electronics are onto me, sorta √° la Maximum Overdrive - you know, that freaky movie where the appliances and machines become homicidal freaks of nature, rather, man-made creation?

But in my parallel warp-time world, the items are going suicidal - as in they, themselves are going kaput.

Yes, I, who have no money with which to replace the following items, am now the proud owner of;

  • one laptop which is resting in cyber peace.  At least the hard drive wasn't dead
  • a 12 y/o crockpot (wedding gift) whose lid all of a sudden fissured and threatens to quit cooking my yummy meals of convenience with all of its steamy goodness Any. Day. Now!  Whatever will I do when I want to make shredded beef burritos without baking my roast in the oven on a stifling hot summer day?!?
  • a 2 y/o printer that has irrevocably decided it shan't feed paper without jamming and/or shredding said paper (this is after discovering that my BIL was indeed correct in that something probably fell into the printer's crevices - hello, little memory card in a case!  Removal of said foreign object did not, however, alleviate the problem).

And perhaps the saddest of them all; 

  • a 4 y/o digital camera whose LCD screen is giving me horizontal stripes of impending death anytime I power it on.  And it is SUMMER, when photo ops abound!

I know that to many people in our country, let alone the poor underdeveloped nations of the world, I sound like a spoiled brat, but these things matter to me.  They get/got regular use from me and now that use is dead/about to be dead and I have no way to replace them, let alone figure out how to balance my budget and meet all of our larger, more pressing obligations on a regular, consistent basis.

Money sucks....

It makes us greedy in its presence and needy in its absence.  

I hate being either.

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