Friday, May 21, 2010

End of this week = beginning of summer

Hi!  I'm still here - returning from my little MIA experience known as The Last Week of School!

Today marks the last morning that I have to bark orders like a drill sergeant to my children, who clearly need routine yet somehow seem to forget each morning that every day for the past 9 mos we have eaten breakfast, dressed, packed lunches, combed hair, grabbed backpacks, etc.  Sort of like their after school routine: 
  • Kids come home
  • Kids throw coats, jackets backpacks on the floor
  • I say, "Pick those up..." 
  • I repeat, incrementally raising the volume each time
  • I max out the volume with the final say-so, "NOW!"
  • Kids scurry to finally put their stuff up where it belongs
  • Kids snack, then say, "What can we DO???" which is code for "Can I play a video/computer game?"
  • Mom says, "Uh, you can empty the dishwasher, as you do Every. Single. Day."
  • Kids groan and moan, roll their eyes and occasionally throw in a tantrum or some other form of disrespect

EVERY.  DAY.  They have chores, and every day they magically seem to forget.  Do they even teach pattern recognition at the schools these days?  Really.

It's been a LONG week, an INSANE week full of tween emotions (After a week of being told I was SO MEAN, among other hateful things, I actually read Mir's letter to her daughter to Kelsey, after having read it while she was at school and bawling my eyes out in agreement, in conclusion asking her, "Hmmm, what kind of connections* are you making to that story?  To which she grumbled, "My attitude...") and end of the school year activities.  Oh, and, we're still treading water trying to keep our finances afloat.  Funny how that doesn't just abate when all other areas of life are crazy.

* this is a term they use in school re: reading comprehension and applications to similar life experiences they have had.

And I've been in a funk.  Once again, the ever pretty Mir had a parallel experience up in another poignantly written post, especially touching my already bruised psyche with these lines:
There is a certain arrogance in being unhappy when leading what is fundamentally a good and blessed and lucky life, isn’t there? I mean, that’s not to say that my (or your) problems aren’t real and challenging, just that the Right and Mature thing to do, after a while, is to say to yourself, “Self, time to suck it up and deal.” Lord knows I say this to my kids often enough; I should take my own advice.

Part of my funk has been that now that I finally want "almost all the things I never wanted(that is a reference to my sweet friend Huckdoll, who is also on the formerly WOHM now SAHM path that I'm on and discovering along the way how sweet our families really are), now it is threatened with financial insecurity.  While we are upside down in our budget with my medical expenses, we are still upside down without them.  Which is pretty hard to figure out seeing as when we decided to take the plunge to have Christopher and me stay at home, there was enough money.  But now there isn't.  So we need more income.

Which was bringing me to the conclusion that I needed to find a job - maybe not a daytime job as childcare would ruin us even if I was working.  But even a night job is time away from Seth and we've really fought to get to where we are in our relationship - in other words, this is not something I really wanted either.  I've been praying hard about this.

I tried lia sophia.  And thought it wasn't working out, so hadn't done much with it.

Yesterday at our final hurrah for our cub scout pack, one of the moms, also a bus-stop mom, asked me if I was still selling jewelry.

I told her it was slow and not so much.

Later she invited me to a Pampered Chef party.

I told her I could come but probably wouldn't be able to buy anything.

She approached me again later in the night, asking if I had inventory in my jewelry.  There was this one necklace.

I told her I was still active as an advisor, just not for long - that I had to have a show soon to remain active.  She says, "Well I'll do it!"

How's that for an answer?

Also, for my readers who are afar - I can totally do catalog/online shows.  Our jewelry is fabulous and June's special is buy any two items at regular price get up to four necklaces at half price!  Our necklaces are often our pricier items, so this is a great opportunity to stock up on affordable gifts for birthdays, Christmas, or just to enhance your own jewelry wardrobe.  E-mail me today if you're interested in helping me out!

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