Friday, May 28, 2010

Foodie Friday - Healthy Breakfast

It's been a crazy week, this first week of summer with all the kids at home, and I find myself trying to busy them in order to avoid the inevitable, "Maaaaa-maaaaaaa!  I am SO BORED"s but in doing so, I have neglected my normal upkeep of the house duties.  Turns out I do a hell of a lot each day.  Which means, after a week of attempting a summer activities routine, that I have a HUGE amount of catch up to do.

I do, however, recognize that it is Friday.  And I do have recipes (yes, that is plural!) for you today.  Without further adieu, bring on Foodie Friday!

Foodie Fridays by Ramblin Red

But, a recipe with no story isn't really a Ramblin' Red kinda thing, now is it?

Story first, food later.

So the other day I was asking what I should make for the next day's dinner, and Seth says, "We haven't done breakfast for dinner in a long time."

And we hadn't.  For a reason.  

Namely it is that I have come to the realization that while my activity level is high and I've lost not only weight but several inches upon maintaining my current poundage for some six months (which, by the way, how does one properly answer the question when someone says, "Hey, you look great, you've lost a bunch of weight, huh?" and the truth is that you're the same weight you've been but you have dropped a size in those same 6 months?) and while this is good and great, the fact remains that my diet is unchanged and thus I'm maintaining, and I'd really still like to lose another 25 lbs, and generally just take ownership of the whole shebang, food and exercise, in order to be a fit and healthy mama, like Jen is doing.  And Headless Mom.

(Disclaimer for all you who are about to say, "You're looking GREAT just. the. way. you. are!" : My BMI still registers me as "obese," and while I know that BMI alone places people with no body fat and obscene amounts of muscle mass - can you say body builders -  in this same category thus it is not a perfect measure, the truth is I weigh 25 lbs more than I did a few years back when my doctor told me I could stand to lose another 10 - so, I do not think I'm setting the bar too terribly high, thankyouverymuch :) )  

Aaaaaaaaaaannd our breakfast for dinner usually includes BACON, and eggs FRIED in BACON GREASE, and biscuits/gravy OR pancakes, and occasionally potatoes that are, uhm, FRIED.

So ya see where I was a little hesitant, now, right?

Plus I'm RUNNING a 10K ON MONDAY and I'd really like to detox and get in some optimum nutrition before hand.

After some consideration, I came up with a pretty darned good alternative, and this was affirmed by my children and husband.

I made whole wheat pancakes (mixed with apple sauce instead of oil) served with non-fat vanilla yogurt and frozen blueberries (warmed in the microwave), lean (1 g fat per slice) ham slices, and a 2 egg omelet with spinach, onion, and tomatoes.

I found this lovely recipe for the pancakes.  Only edits - I omitted the cinnamon (was after a "normal pancake taste), halved the "mix" (which was just shy of 2 cups), doubled the eggs/milk/applesauce, and added a hefty pouring of vanilla (2 1/2 tsp-ish?).  They were SCRUMPTIOUS!  I topped with my FAVORITE yogurt in the whole wide world: Cascade Fresh Vanilla, and heated up the remnants of a bag of frozen blueberries, pouring on top with their juices.  Didn't even miss the maple syrup and butter (which is what my fam had theirs with).

For my* omelet, I beat 2 eggs together in a bowl.  Chopped 1/2 C-ish of spinach, diced 1/2 a roma tomato, and made one paper thin slice of sweet onion, then chopped it up.  Spray 10 inch skillet with cooking spray and heat to medium, pour eggs into pan, place veggies on one half of egg circle.  When egg firms up fold empty half over the veggies, making a semi-circle.  Press down on folded omelet with spatula for about a minute, to seal it up.  Flip over and cook until eggs are firm.

* Yes, MY omelet.  I made poached eggs for the rest of the fam since they are picky about eggs being mixed with other stuff.

I'm not gonna lie, I'm a cheese and hollandaise sauce kinda gal with my omelets, so I was missing some of the "goo" factor, but I just shook on some tabasco and was pleased as pie.

Now, some people who are die-hards about fat and diets say that my whole egg content of this meal made it too fatty, but I don't think fat is BAD or EVIL and knowing that the fat content of my day had been nil thus far, I had no problem consuming it!

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  1. This is awesome. I don't believe fat is evil either, not at all. Sometimes I'll look at the back of a box of frozen pizza and go, "Wow, this is an insane amount of fat and sodium" but for something like eggs? It's on. I'm eating eggs and cheese in moderation otherwise I'm depriving and that's deadlier than eating that stuff.

    Your omelette sounds delicious, too.

    As for the "You look great just the way you are"'s, I call baloney. Not because you don't look great because I truly believe it's how you feel as a total package. I'm not sure I'll ever absolutely love what I see in the mirror but working out and eating well with treats in moderation makes me feel so damn good and I like what I see in the mirror even if it hasn't changed. Today I weighed in and my weight hasn't budged since last week despite a solid effort but I feel awesome, stronger and graceful and I like it :)

    Weird how that works.

    You're doing great and you're a huge inspiration. BEST of luck on your 10K on Monday, I'll be thinking about you!

  2. They're no longer sure that there is a causative link btwn fat and heart disease.

    And I'm an advocate of health at every size. So I'm all in favor of you eating in a way that makes you feel healthy and strong. And also in favor of you exercising in a way that makes you feel healthy and strong.

    What I'm not in favor of is doing both those things to attain the goal of losing weight. I like the goal of eating right and exercising for their own sakes.

    HUGS and JEALOUSY over that terrific meal.

    I think we're going to have an omelet for dinner at my house tonight!