Sunday, May 9, 2010

My Next Thirty Years

Sorry, Tim, just had to use that title.

Today marked the end of my first thirty years and the commencement of my thirty-first year, and all week long I've been contemplating what I want the rest of my life to look like.  Or, at least the next big chunk of it anyway.

I decided to make this a 30 in 30 type of post to try and limit my tendency to verbosity - we'll see how that goes.

Things I'd like to become, do or see in the next 30 years:

  1. A woman who daily walks a purposeful, intentional path with God, and not remain this girl who seeks God when she remembers to pencil Him in
  2. Debt-free
  3. A woman who healthily balances the quest for fitness with sound nutrition, plenty of exercise, and the ability to love what still hangs on her hips/thighs/etc. so that her daughter has a good example of how to love our bodies
  4. With my husband, a marriage mentor for younger couples we encounter
  5. A woman distinguished by the presence of fruits of the Spirit in her life, rather than the lack of them
  6. Run a half-marathon
  7. Run a marathon
  8. Climb at least one fourteener a year with my husband, and later, with the kids as well.
  9. Climb Mt. Rainier, with my husband, and see the majesty of a 14'er that claims the most prominence in the lower 48 states, despite Seth's claims that all mountains in WA are "hills."
  10. Visit all of the National Parks in CO 
  11. Consume less
  12. Strive for a more sustainable, organic lifestyle
  13. And become a gardening pro
  14. Who knows [and has the equipment] how to can and preserve the fruits of my labors
  15. Finish my kids' scrapbooks
  16. Write a book
  17. And have it published
  18. Buy a good camera
  19. And take a photography class
  20. Read all the way through the Bible - several times, hopefully
  21. And really comprehend and embrace what God is trying to say to us in His holy Word
  22. Then act upon it, regularly - see #1
  23. Learn from my mistakes
  24. And allow my children to make their own, so that they can have the treasure of learning their lessons each mistake presents them
  25.  Adhere to monthly date nights with my husband - no matter what
  26. To stretch myself in all areas, as a wife and mother, a friend, neighbor, employee[?], student [of life], and grow continually
  27. Renew our vows
  28. See others through the eyes of God, for the value that He has given them, not through my judgments, societal merits, etc.
  29. Give more, take less
  30. Give instruction and example well enough to my children that they will always love the Lord and seek Him in their own lives

It's definitely not ALL I hope to accomplish in life, but it's a rather tall order, I'd say.
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  1. I totally loved this list. It's inspired me to make my own, perhaps not public but in a notebook. Even though it looks like a lot, it must be incredibly inspiring to put in motion actions that will lead to you being able to tick a few off the list.

  2. In an attempt to help you with #20 on your list, I recommend the "5 minute New Testament" edited by Stephen Arterburn, New Living Translation. It breaks the New Testament down into an easy to read and understand daily passage with a thought provoking question at the end of each passage. It is organized so that you can read through it in a year. I really like it. --KJ in WA (land of the "molehill" mountains) :)