Saturday, May 15, 2010

T - 16 days (and roughly 2.5 hrs)

The past two days I have been amazed at my body.

Yesterday I ran a mile in 9:16, hit 2 miles at 20:26, and had run a full 5k in 34:36.  And, psst...I walked a block of it, which means, I could do better still!  This is a huge victory for me in that it was my first sub-10 minute mile EVER, AND it was nearly 10 minutes off my 5k time in October.

This morning, I only ran a mile, but did it in 9:02!!!!

Recently I was discouraged about Bolder Boulder, thinking I wouldn't be able to run in the 68 minute heats (and I'm not, because I didn't run a pre-qualifier) simply because 68 minutes seemed too hard.  Yes, I've grown weary of "I just want to finish," and have started to replace it with, "I'd like to finish in :insert minutes and seconds:."  But, good news, if I double my length at the same pace as above, it is RIGHTTHERE.  SOCLOSE.  And I'm running that pace with a stroller and two dogs pulling me every which way, to which my stabilization muscles have said, "Uhm, Hell-O!"  In other words, I'm pretty confident that I have this in the bag!  Squeee!!!!

I've been watching this regularly, to get myself psyched up, to be able to visualize in my head as I'm running my loops at home.

I picked up my packet the other day - have my shirt, time tag, etc.  

May 31, 2010.  8:02:40am is my start time.  Shooting for finishing around 9:11ish.  And feel triumphant as I enter that stadium that not only did God bring me back last year, but He's strengthened me into an athlete along the way!

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  1. You can do it Heather! The body can go on even if the mind has quit, at least that is what my cross country coach told me! :-) You are more than capable and I salute you for doing it! I couldn't even imagine running six miles, I died in that loveland race we did. I'm already going to congratulate you on a race well done because you won by even trying and I know you will succeed.

  2. Wow, it sounds like you are doing awesome! I'm impressed. Dh was just talking about starting running together and I cringed.

    Thanks for visiting on my SITS day on Monday!

  3. CONGRATS on increasing your time by so much! That's amazing. I know the struggle of getting into running -- and commend you for taking the step and most of all getting 10 minutes(!!!) off your original 5k time. YAY!

    Stopping by from SITS... have a great Monday!