Tuesday, June 29, 2010


So, uh, HI!!

It's been awhile.


But it's not just you, bloggies.

And it's not just my IRL friends, whom I've also been neglecting.

It's me.  I've been resting my fingers on the pause button of my remote control for life, wanting the world to stop spinning momentarily so I. Could. Just. Gather. My. Thoughts. Just. ONCE!  Seriously, I feel a bit ADD lately, starting chores, only to think, "Oh, but wait, I forgot to pray with God!," and turn to do that and then say, "Oh look, a Cheerio!  Hmm...I'm hungry," and that's just on my own, without the kids interrupting.

They magnify this distractedness I've been feeling about 10,000 fold.

I've gotta get a grip on summer.

And my head.  There's so much rolling around in it that I can't seem to grab a coherent moment with myself.

working on it.

But that means I may be taking a summer break from rambling.

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  1. So with you. But don't go away for the whole summer! Maybe a quick meet up will cure you?