Monday, June 21, 2010

Better Late Than Never, Right?

I, uhm, seem to have fallen behind in a lot of things lately.  It is hard to keep up with all of the kids at home 24/7!  Kinda miss school, but not terribly.  My kitchen floors, however?  Miss school in a BIG way.

Saturday was my IL's 40th wedding anniversary, y'all - can we get a hearty round of applause for that?  That is a serious milestone in today's day and age, no?  They're very real people who work for a love that shows, not all Ward and June and yet not that loveless couple that trudged on through, either.  They've been a great example to us of how to keep on keepin' on and have a good time while doing it.  We'd have loved to have been with them for this milestone, as previously was entertained, but the cashflow was an issue.  Besides, our inability to go lent us the opportunity to stay and be part of our church's marriage seminar (it is SO GOOD!!!  Life changing whether you are single, married, divorced, in a struggling marriage or one that rocks your socks...if you're local and want to know more, just shoot me an e-mail!) that kicked off yesterday - giving us yet more tools to match my husband's parents in longevity of matrimonial bliss.  Seth got to talk to them last night, while I was on a night run with a friend from church, and tell them both how he felt about their abiding love and its impact on us.  I did not, so better late than never - 
I love you too Mom and Dad.  Words fail me to describe the blessing you've been to us.
Also sitting on my to-do's was a tag that Headless Mom sent my way, about a month ago.  Can you believe me?  It's terrible I know.  SOooo...I have to answer her questions and then come up with my own...I may just answer the questions she gave me as so many of my bloggies are either on sabbatical or I have been lurking and not participating on their blogs much.

1- Which celebrity to you want to tell to "Shut up, already!"?  
Hmmmm...all of them?  Seriously, there aren't that many Hollywood voices that I listen to these days.  A few years back it would've been Tom Cruise in his whole public denouncement of post-partum depression and psychiatry in general.

2- What is your favorite happy hour drink? 
I do love a good margarita, white zins, and never met too many beers I didn't like.  But lately, I've been so health conscious that my happy hour drinks are the same as my all day drinks: WATER.

3- What is your favorite thing to cook/bake?  
Hmmmm.....I like to cook, so picking a favorite is going to be hard.  Probably homemade bread, it's so rewarding and smells the house up nicely.

4- What is one thing that you wish you had more time for?
Well, it's not so much that I don't have enough time for it, rather than I let other things come before it - but I wish I spent more time in prayer and meditation with God and His holy word.

5- What is the FIRST thing you would do with a jumbo lottery jackpot?
Give to my church so that they could pay it forward what was done for us last year.

6- What song/artist do you always turn off when it/they come on the radio?
I listen to Christian radio pretty much exclusively these days, so there's not much objectionable content, but I really don't like Mandisa's voice/style and will usually flip to another station when she comes on bellowing about it only being the world.  Also?  Michael W. Smith's New Hallelujah gets the click of death from me too.  Love him, hate that song.

7- What one household chore is your favorite? (Or at least the least hated?)  
Going with the least hated approach, vacuuming.

8- What is your favorite flower?
Oh dear....I love flowers of all kinds.  Not sure I can pick just one. I have a thing for big showy blooms like lilies, clematis, peonies, etc., but for smells it is hard to beat lilacs, roses, or honeysuckle.

9- What food do you like that most would say "Eeeeew!" to?
Spinach smoothies.  Almond milk (sweetened vanilla is really yummy, but plain is good too), honey, banana, spinach and ice = a clean tasting green for the palate.

10- Is there something that you refuse to blog about? Why?
Hmmm....I don't know if there is a topic I REFUSE to blog about, but certainly there are some that I tend to avoid now - marital strife and/or family fights between the FoO or the IL's .  Why?  Because I used to freely vent about them here and when the blog got more public that was very hurtful.  I'm a lover not a fighter. for tagging more, think I'll pass for now.  

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  1. Thanks! You should see my gladiolas right now. They're awesome. Maybe I'll post a pic later in the week!

  2. I'm heading to a 55th wedding anniversary on July 3rd! These long marriages are such an inspiration indeed.

    Loved your meme ... I always love when people do them. I'm old school, lol :)

  3. I love spinach smoothies, too! And have you tried adding sprouts? Very tasty and super healthy!