Friday, June 11, 2010

Spontaneity is Overrated

So the other night me and some gal pals are sitting at my kitchen table, after a long day of me decluttering the house when I say," Ladies, I think it's time to go all Dave Ramsey and have me a garage sale.  I found a lot of unnecessaries today and we need the cash, right?  Anyone in with me?"

Friend #1 pipes up, "Oh yeah, I still have a stash in the basement from last year's To Be Garage Sold pile, count me in!"

I say, "Alright - well we should do it then.  Soon."

As in, give me a week or so and then we'll make it happen, when all of a sudden:

Enter Spontaneous Epiphany!!!

Friend #2 realizes that her swanky neighborhood is having their annual neighborhood garage sale This Saturday (as in some 8 1/2 hours from NOW)!  She won't be home, but her hubby will, so we could totally use their space, and it's already advertised, cool huh?

Friend #1 and I glance at each other, weighing the possibility.  She's gonna have her boy (nearly 2) since her hubby's got a golf date, and I'm gonna have my 3 as Seth has a date with his employer, but we shrug, yeah, we can do this!

Today after sorting, and tables and price tags, oh my! I'm thinking that spontaneity is highly overrated, if not the cause for some massive productivity, as our weather forecast is in the Garage Sale Pits right now.....

Praying fervently that all this work was not in vanity - that rain will go away (it can continue doing what it's doing tonight but move along in its merry way once we hit dawn, thankyouverymuch), and that we will have a successful sale tomorrow - I got me a lot of stuff to get rid of!

**Edited to add.... That forecast picture isn't accurate - it has changed every day to match the CURRENT forecast, which is now gorgeous, but last weekend was pouring buckets.  I made a whopping $4 and Friend #1 made $7.  Gonna try again this weekend.

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