Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Oh Snap!!

Today an old HS friend emailed me with some questions about changing up blog templates, code and what have you...

I told her I knew some, but really just enough to be dangerous.

And then I got a hankering to finish the attempts I'd made at customizing this template's header - which I did and am very pleased with the results.


In doing so, I completely wiped out my blogrolls!

And my memory really fails me when it comes to remembering stuff that is automated (and I'm kind of old fashioned and still click through to people's sites instead of reading a feed :gasp:).

So, if you're not already on here and would like to be, please leave your url in a comment.


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  1. Exactly why i pay the lovely Karen to do those things for me. (Which reminds me...I need to do that again soon!)

  2. ha, ha! :)


  3. I'd love to be listed. I'll list you, also. But it's going to take a few weeks. I never, after seven years of blogging, have been able to figure out the blog roll. Like Headless Mom, I'm getting someone to do it for me!

    Love the header, btw!

  4. can i seriously just tell you how much I love when people say OH SNAP. It really really really just makes my day. I have no reason for it BUT I LOVE IT

  5. I've been so busy it's taken me over a month to see this, and my blogging is hit and miss these days thanks to grad school, but I'm still (kinda) around.